02 May 2014

one in, one out: april 2014

for each clothing, shoe, and accessory purchase i make this year, i am donating/selling/recycling a comparable item in an effort to better manage my closet!  check out my "one in, one out" tag for more of these monthly posts!

this was definitely the month of online shopping.  everything i purchased this month came from the interwebs, and after about the fourth order i started thinking about how i would have to report back on what i bought and explain my reasoning behind these purchases in this "one in, one out" post... and that left me feeling unsettled.  showcasing what you bought with your hard-earned money via a collage of pictures and inserting a list of prices paid is kind of personal; i feel vulnerable doing that this month.  maybe that's my own insecurity about the amount of money i spent or maybe i feel hypocritical since i wrote a very wordy paragraph last month about how i don't like buying expensive shoes since any pair of shoes starts to show wear after you wear them a couple times... yet this month i bought expensive (to me) shoes.  i'm still trying to figure life out so don't take anything i say too seriously!

i really have no good reason for what i bought this month (aside from the pants, i guess... i need more pants in my work wardrobe) other than they're all things i just simply wanted.  is that good enough?  to spend money on something i like even if it doesn't fill a "hole" in my closet?  honestly, my closet is jam packed... there are no holes to speak of.  literally.  so why do i keep filling it?  that is why i implemented this one in, one out philosophy at the beginning of the year, but i don't want that to be an excuse for not maintaining a budget.  so, i think i need to make some changes... and making myself actually stick to a budget will be a new focus starting next month.  but aside from that, i'm trying not to force myself into justifications for the past, i'm just going to insert said collage and enjoy the things i bought this month!

{what came in }

item purchased $ paid orig. cost
merona button-down - white/pink print 7.85 22.99
mossimo tan skinny belt with metal keeper 5.01 14.99
old navy v-neck cami - white 4.50 4.50
old navy boyfriend skinny khakis - navy 7.50 29.94
old navy embellished sweatshirt - oatmeal 3.75 34.94
old navy pink rope crew neck sweater 3.33 29.94
chinese laundry irresistible bol wedges ($15.66) gc 49.99
restricted slice it wedge pump - mint 33.27 44.94
adrienne vittadini kiley flats - cognac 13.29 24.94
fergalicious irene pumps 28.27 39.94
loft tiered lace-trim tee - emerald 7.73 34.50
loft navy diamond print cropped pants 41.70 69.50
loft gray chain link print ankle pants 35.99 69.50
loft scalloped ruffle sweater - rose 17.50 34.99
agora white/pink blouse (thredup - 3.63)  ppal ?
banana republic scalloped lace tee (thredup - 4.98) ppal 79.50


= 16 items {that averages to $13.11 per item, which i think is pretty impressive!}

{what went out}

4 pairs of shoes, 1 belt, 1 dress, 1 tank, 1 sweater, 1 blazer, 4 button-downs
not pictured: 1 skirt & 1 pair of slacks sold on ebay and 1 dress {gifted to caroline}

looking ahead:  each quarter in 2014, i challenge myself to something extra to not only maintain, but reduce the items in my closet.  last quarter, i ordered a clean out bag from thredup and sent them 6 pairs of shoes and 6 clothing items.  i've just started to take an inventory of my closet this quarter, and in doing so i have already set aside 35 items to recycle or donate.  this feels so good, and i am really excited to finish my closet inventory and add to those numbers.

also, i mentioned above that i am going to try to abide by a clothing budget, which is more important than ever right now as i anticipate moving in the near future, so i shouldn't be spending money on my 100th pair of shoes (i hope this is an exaggeration, i haven't counted my shoes yet for my closet inventory) and instead my money would be better spent on a security deposit or a new couch or something.  so, i'm going to try to stay under $100 for a clothing budget next month.  i already anticipate ordering some shoes from DSW.com with a few rewards coupons and other than that, i am only planning on doing some thrifting with my mom when she comes into town for a visit and hopefully that won't add up.

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