27 May 2014

review: anjolee

i was recently contacted by the jewelry company anjolee to review one of their products and wanted to share that experience with you all today.  i was initially given the option of choosing between the following three items to receive and review:

now, these rings are stunning.  gorgeous.  drool-worthy.  definitely rings i would gravitate toward if i were at that point my life, but if you've inferred anything about my personal life from reading my blog, you know that i'm neither married nor engaged.  so, it was a little disappointing that the representative from the company had selected these items for me to choose from - i wish that they had done a bit of work to determine whether or not i had a man in my life or at least scrolled through a few of my posts to notice that i never, ever wear rings.

i emailed the representative and explained that since i am neither married/engaged, choosing a wedding or engagement band to review wouldn't be fitting or appropriate content for my blog.  she was understanding of this and gave me three earring styles to choose from to review and i selected the hoops you see below, the diamond hoops.  i really appreciated that she was willing to work with me and offer a selection of items to review that are more reflective of my personal style.

anjolee specializes in fine diamond and gemstone jewelry but for the purposes of this review substituted the stones with cubic zirconium's.  i'm not really a diamond kind of gal, so i actually preferred this simulated stone anyway.  the earrings truly are stunning and i feel i'll own and wear them the rest of my life, probably even weekly.  my earlobes are pretty small but these earrings are actually about the size of a dime, so i felt they suit me really well.  i really was so pleased with working with this company and recommend them if you are in the market for some fine jewelry.

how do you feel about fine jewelry vs. inexpensive costume jewelry?  i am finding as i get older that there is definitely a place for fine jewelry in my collection and i'm so pleased that anjolee has helped me branch out into that genre of jewelry.

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