03 June 2014

eyelet, part 2.


j crew eyelet blouse {thrifted}   ·   mossimo slacks {thrifted}
groopdealz necklace   ·   jessica simpson oscar heels

when i wore this eyelet blouse two months ago, i mentioned how there was a snag on one part of the blouse i overlooked at the goodwill before purchasing it.  it was covered by the blazer i wore that day, but you guys convinced me that it wouldn't be noticeable if i wore the blouse on its own - and i agreed.  however, when my mom came for a visit last month and i added this to the mending pile i requested her help with.  i'm so mean, i made her let out the hem of this dress, fix the hem on a pair of pants that had come undone, and reattach a purse strap when she was here for a vacation!  luckily, she took one look at this blouse and said it would be a simple fix, and minutes later i couldn't even tell where the snag had been!

i wanted to wear this blouse with something other than black skinny pants, which has become my default lately, so i chose this pair of dark denim/chambray boot-cut dress slacks instead that, well, i also wear at least once a week.  even though i've become accustomed to wearing pants more often in the past few months, they still don't seem as versatile or visually interesting to me as skirts.  i liked the addition of the coral statement necklace, but the look didn't seem as cohesive since i didn't bring in that color or the shade of blue in any other part of my outfit.  yes, this is how my mind works!

i decided these gold heels pulled out the gold-colored metal in the necklace and gold earrings and added  some visual interest... i think it worked (even though i got a "tsk tsk" from one of my residents who doesn't like to see me wearing heels... oh well.  if i'm going to wear high heels, at might as well be fun & gold, right?!)

get the look:  this season's exact blouse / similar slacks / similar necklace / similar heels

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