30 June 2014

the accessories dresser.

banana republic factory blouse {via thredup*}
mossimo slacks {thrifted}   ·   dexter kylie wedges

like everyone, i am especially excited about this short work-week so i can have more time to organize and get my new place in order over the upcoming long weekend!  my bedroom is coming along thanks to a trip to ikea over the weekend that resulted in a new dresser that has somehow been filled with pretty much nothing but accessories.  that's okay by me though, and i am enjoying this little nook so much that i thought i would share a peak:

 the mirror opens up to hold necklaces.  i still need to hang the shadow box of earrings on that wall.

i love storing jewelry in small dishes.  the ceramic egg crate from world market is my 
favorite way to store earrings.  i don't own many bracelets anymore, but the ones i've 
hung onto fit perfectly in these ceramic green strawberry cartons from michaels.

a drawer full of necklaces stored in long trays, including utensil trays from a thrift store

 a drawer full of scarves!  this makes me so happy!
another fun little dish (from target) to store the watch & a bracelet i wear daily

isn't it fun to create little space like this in your home?  i needed a place to do my hair in the morning and a place to store all of my jewelry, and i think this will work out really well for me!

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