25 June 2014

transitions & catching up.


{if you squint you can see the mint green in the scarf that i had to match to my mint green blouse!}

old navy blouse   ·   calvin klein skirt {thrifted}
merona scarf   ·   american eagle justify heels

hi everyone!  you'll have to forgive me for me absence these past few days but i have been in the throes of moving all last week. can i just say that whoa, moving is hard?  i can't even count how many trips i made to my new place with just boxes and boxes of STUFF. it's made me really reconsider what i want to keep in my life, especially since i certainly don't want to move this stuff again. anyway, my internet didn't get hooked up until yesterday so i am trying to catch up all things interwebs.  somehow i'm still taking pictures of what i wear everyday, although i am a little behind - this is what i wore monday.  a new scarf i bought from target that was an easy way to accessorize since all of my necklaces are wrapped in tissue paper in boxes, and those boxes are in boxes... hopefully they'll get unpacked and incorporated into outfits soon!

i also wanted to thank andi from just another smith for letting me co-host dresses week with her last week. since i was moving, i didn't get a chance to reply to the posts of those who joined us, but i look forward to going though our link up and visiting everyone!

also, dear anne at anne in residence featured a guest post from me on her blog monday. head on over if you're interested in learning more about my job and how i have come to determine a dress code for myself there.

thanks for visiting and bearing with me during this time of transition!

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