29 July 2014

throw on blouse.

apt 9 blouse {thrifted}   ·   old navy boyfriend khakis
mossimo ona flats

i'm always on the look out at the goodwill for what i think of as "throw on" blouses. they are colorful or patterned blouses that work well with pants, skirts, casually, or to wear to work.  you pick a color and match a bottom to it, match your shoes to it, whatever - and you're good to go.  one of my favorite blouses of all time is a thrifted a.n.a blouse that fits this description perfectly. i think this one will definitely do as well!  i just have to figure out a way to deal with the longer hem - the messy half-tuck thing here wasn't really working for me, but that problem should be solved if i wear it next time with a skirt!

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