28 July 2014

mismatched suit.

agora blouse & axcess blazer {both via thredup*}   
express slacks {thrifted}   ·   merona mollie booties

hi everyone!  this is an outfit i wore a week or so ago - i'm so used to posting the exact same day i wear something that it feels a little bit like i'm cheating to post this now!  even though this outfit looked pretty subdued, i loved the crisp straight slacks with the blazer and a flowy, patterned blouse underneath.  you'd think i lived in a different hemisphere by the way i dress but i assure you, it is indeed summer in minnesota even though i'm always in layers!

i feel a little burdened by this here blog o' mine and just wanted to address my absence as of late.  i feel like i'm letting too many things work against me and it zaps any interest i have in blogging.  there's been ongoing stress over my recent move, including battling with our former apartment manager because we had to break our lease to move into our new place, and dealing with the quirks of our new place and working with a new landlord, especially to address issues right away.  that's definitely been an adjustment!  

it's also been hard finding a new place to take my pictures, which has really affected this hobby because if my pictures don't meet my expectations (even if those were low to begin with - i know i'm not the best photographer and my pictures aren't the greatest quality) i lose any interest in writing a post and just figure i'll try again the next day to get a halfway decent shot of what i'm wearing.

i've also had a lot of house guests and extended company lately, which is fun, but i have had to adjust my daily routine to that and i don't want to be holed up in my room trying to put a post together when i could be (and should be) hanging out with my company!   i guess i am not the superwoman i would like to be because i don't feel like i'm paying enough attention to everything i'm juggling and this blog is definitely the ball that gets dropped... but i feel better letting it out and talking about it.  i still feel like i have something to contribute to the blogging world and things to learn about myself and my fashion, so i am going to keep at it - even if its not on the same timetable that i'm used to.

thanks for listening & have a great week!

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