21 July 2014

watercolor garden.

j crew watercolor garden pencil skirt {thrifted}
talbots white ruffle blouse {thrifted}
merona erin heels

i was a little stunned to stumble upon this skirt at the goodwill yesterday, brand new with tags attached and back vent still sewn shut.  it always gives me a little thrill to find a brand new, high quality item - i tend to look around to see who else may be watching in case they, too, recognize the value of the item i have in my hands!  the higher price tag of $14.99 didn't bother me in the slightest since i knew i would never find this skirt for that price on a site like ebay, and i have a feeling it was only priced that high to begin with because the $110 price tag was still attached and gave a clue to the employee doing the pricing that this was originally an expensive skirt.  lucky for me, i had a 25% off coupon to use so this skirt came to a whopping $11.24--a tenth of the original price!  i think that's pretty awesome!

my mom is in town and we're basically hitting up all of the goodwills within a 20 mile radius, so i should give her the credit for bringing me the thrifting luck.  i've thrifted some other goodies that i'm excited to introduce to my closet and our successful goodwill trips so far have reminded me how fun it is to add new clothes to my closet for just a few bucks!

have you scored any great thrifted finds lately?  this skirt will probably rank up there was one of my best!

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