01 August 2014

flowy peasant.

j crew factory peasant blouse   ·   loft diamond-print pants
chinese laundry nima wedges

i browse j crew or j crew factory online once in a while but i usually resist the temptation to put in an order unless there is a really good sale.  i haven't been able to resist the temptation lately though as i've put in an order the past two months!  the first order i placed was the week i moved in june and i had it shipped to my new address, but there was major confusion between j crew factory and the post office and the universe at large and the package never got to me.  i will say that j crew factory customer service is excellent and they helped locate the package when it was returned to them and had it reshipped to me.  unfortunately, it was shipped to the wrong address (gah!) but finally UPS came through and told me where it had been delivered, and i was able to retrieve it from that homeowner who just had the package stashed in her garage.  due to all this mess, j crew factory gave me a $25 gift card... and of course i put it to use right away in conjunction with another sale.  i ordered this top, the scarf i wore yesterday, and this blouse.  i'm glad i was able to obtain the previous package, too, but i hope to never have to go through that again!  have you ever had similar shipping issues?

anyway, i feel like i pretty much know my size in the brands i often wear, but this "peasant" blouse is a bit more loose and flowy.  it bothered me for a while because i like my tops to be fitted, but i think it looks okay now that i see a picture of myself wearing it.  if i really feel adventurous i can slim the sides a bit with my sewing machine, but i'm embracing the relaxed, peasant look today with these printed pants that i'm still really enjoying!

have a great weekend!

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