11 August 2014

last week's looks: aug 4-8

it's okay, you can write me down as the worst blogger in the world!  just in case you were wondering if i'm still alive, here's what i wore last week.  i've just been so unhappy with my weight and body that i haven't wanted to post any pictures of myself at all.  in fact, it's hard to look at this round-up of pictures and notice the difference between the first two pictures and how differently those two different pairs of pants fit me.  it's no fun to try to get dressed when none of your clothes fit as you remember them fitting even a year ago, and it's even less fun posting pictures on an online forum where you can't control who sees them or what critique they are giving from behind their screens when you're already feeling so self-conscious!

i'm pleased to say that there's a plethora of trails out my back door though and i've found a circuit that adds up to just over 2 miles that i've been incorporating into my daily routine.  my sister also helped me finally fix my bicycle tire whose tube has been broken for several years now, so i'm hoping she and i can also go on bike rides in the evenings.  so health is becoming a priority again, which feels good.  so anyway, that's about it on my end... just trying to get back into a healthy routine and hopefully have fun getting dressed again because lately it's just not been fun at all!  i hope everyone out there is doing well!

monday:  j crew factory eyelet front top / thrifted loft slacks / thrifted mossimo wedges
tuesday: loft lace trim tee / thrifted express slacks / thredupped j crew factory scarf / blowfish mesa wedges
wednesday: j crew factory peasant blouse / loft chain link print ankle pants / chinese laundry nima wedges
thursday: j crew factory scalloped lace top / thrifted mossimo slacks / restricted slice it wedges
friday: thrifted j crew buffalo check shirt / old navy sweetheart skinny jeans / mossimo ona flats

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