25 September 2014

20 things!

i had to jump on the bandwagon and do one of these video posts of "20 things that you may not know about me" after my pal kate at a journey in style tagged me.  i'm always looking for opportunities to have blog posts basically written for me and to share more of myself with you all, so i figured why not do so in embarrassing video form.  you'll have to forgive me if i don't list out the questions and the time stamp for each one but watching this video once was enough to suffer through myself and i didn't want to watch it again to write down the times, so now i'm going to make you suffer through it as well, heh heh heh... enjoy!! 

(here is the link if the embed doesn't work... again!)

a couple things... 
> when my eyes keep going to the left i'm looking at the time wondering how the heck i am talking so long!! 
> i'd love to see caroline at tasteful style & alice at happiness at mid-life answer these questions, either in written or video form!

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