24 September 2014

book review: fangirl

fangirl by rainbow rowell 

this really felt like a book that was written for me, but i guess i have to bare a bit of my background so that makes sense.  first of all, the main characters - cath and wren - are twins. i'm a twin. the twins are going off to college and wren wanted to separate herself from cath and choose a different roommate. i went to a different college than my twin sister for the same reason.  cath is into writing fan fiction  based on the simon snow series (think harry potter). i used to write fanfic based on my favorite band, hanson. cath has a terrible roommate.  i had a terrible freshman year roommate.

sometimes when you are faced with something that draws so many parallels to your life, or a past life, it may not be something you want to delve back into depending on the emotions you have from that time. but for me, this book evoked all the right emotions. i loved cath's character and her love for writing and getting lost in a world where she knows the characters so intimately and wants their stories to continue. i truly empathized with the struggle she felt identifying who she was in college, preferring to stay in her room rather than risk going to the dining hall by herself because she wasn't sure how it "worked" (oh my gosh, i had the same issues...), where she has "online friends" who she feels more connected to than anyone in her "real life" (again, another parallel to my own life). where she struggles to become her own person at such a pivotal time in life without her built in best friend, her twin, next to her the entire way.  this book is truly about that journey for cath.

rainbow rowell had quickly become one of my favorite authors for her ability to build relatable and sweet stories around realistic characters and environments. the dialogue between the characters is always spot on, leaving you with the exact feeling you know she intended for them--and you--to feel.  i also love that she always leaves you wanting just an inch more but she purposely leaves that room in the dialogue so you can infer what happens next or how the characters are feeling that she has developed so well.

need i say more?  do yourself a favor and read this book!

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