03 September 2014


so i've never really done one of these posts before, but i love my pal anne over at in residence and just had to participate in her "currently..." theme post today!  plus, it's always nice when you have the skeleton of a post developed for you and you just have to fill in the blanks!

wearing // these favorite patterned pants of mine and a coordinating sweater and mary jane heels.

writing //  fictional stories.  have i ever mentioned that i love writing?  i've written stories for as long as i can remember, but in the past few years i feel as though i have actually thought of plotlines that actually turn into something and i love exploring and honing this hobby.  it makes me wonder why i never participate in nanowrimo, but maybe i will this year to really force me to develop one of the many ideas i have rough outlines for.

anticipating  // the zubaz night at the minnesota twins game in a week.  did you ever own a pair of zubaz pants?  i don't think i ever did, but i'm kind of beyond thrilled to receive this pair and don them at the game with a bunch of other crazy fans.

missing // the minnesota state fair.  fried pickles, cheese curds, corn dogs... even though it's kind of the same rodeo every year, i miss it already and wish i had another day to experience it all.

craving // reading "fangirl" by rainbow rowell... it just came up in my queue but wouldn't you know i am already in the middle of a book and have several others that are also ready for me to check out and read?  she pretty much can do no wrong and i am so eager to get lost in this book!

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