01 September 2014

one in, one out: july & aug 2014

for each clothing, shoe, and accessory purchase i make this year, i am donating/selling/recycling a comparable item in an effort to better manage my closet.  check out my "one in, one out" tag for more of these monthly posts!

so, amidst my blogging slump i didn't get my july one in, one out post published yet i had it all written and ready to go.  so, in an effort to keep up with this process throughout the year, i'm including both july and august's one in, one out posts here.  i won't blame you if you don't read it in its entirety since it's pretty wordy!

most of my purchases from july were from the goodwill - my mom was in town and we made the rounds to all of the goodwills in the area, and i actually had quite a bit of thrifting success.  even better, my local stores have been giving away 25% off coupons with a donation, so i had a coupon to use on all of my purchases since wouldn't you know i could never seem to find anything the right colored tag that was on sale!

my biggest splurge in july was $30 worth of jewelry from a coworker.  he makes necklaces and bracelets out of beads and rolled up cereal boxes.  at first i wasn't sure if it was my style and i felt a little pressured to buy something when it he was showcasing it for a bunch of us, but i liked the idea of supporting this creative hobby of his, especially since his proceeds go to an orphanage in another country he and his wife support. sorry i don't have a picture of the jewelry but i'll point it out when i wear one of the pieces in a future post!

{what came in}

*world market navy stud earrings 3.40 4.99
world market gray pearl stud earrings 3.40 4.99
*world market coral dangle earrings 3.40 4.99
*seychelles wedges (thredup/17.49) 2.18
j crew factory paisley scarf  (thredup/6.49) 2.18
*br factory emerald blouse (thredup/7.49) 2.18
*simply vera wang red blouse (thredup/9.49) 2.17
*daisy fuentes floral blouse (thredup/9.49) 2.17
merona brown tweed skirt (thredup/8.49) 2.17 24.99
j crew factory embroidered peasant top - navy 10.92 69.50
j crew factory lightweight printed scarf - linen fuchsia 3.56 39.50
j crew factory buttoned peasant top - gray 19.65 75
*handmade yellow stone necklace 20.00 20
*handmade green stone bracelet 10.00 10
merona lace top - yellow (gw) 5.24 19.99
gilligan & o'malley pajama pants - gray (new-gw) 2.24 12.99
merona 3/4 sleeve striped/floral print tee (new-gw) 3.74 12.99
j crew purple floral skirt (nwt - gw) 11.24 110
*cabi jordan almond pencil skirt - mint green (gw) 3.74
*merona tweed pencil skirt - rose (gw) 2.24
*apt 9 magenta/purple floral tunic (gw) 3.74
merona orange print v-neck cardigan (new-gw) 3.74 22.99
merona cocoon cardigan - orange (new-gw) 3.74 22.99
mossimo square scarf - floral print (new-gw) 1.49 16.99
*ann taylor loft chambray slacks (gw) 5.24
j crew buffalo check boy shirt (gw) 5.24
*j crew navy swing blazer (gw) 6.74


*not pictured

{what went out}

so, i've passed the halfway mark in the year of this one in, one out challenge and i admit that it's getting a little more difficult finding a comparable item to get rid of for each that i purchase.  i eliminated a lot of clothes from my closet last month that didn't coincide with one in, one out, so my decisions were harder to make this month since my pool of clothes i feel "so-so" about isn't as large.  hopefully this will lead me to make wiser clothing purchases in months to come but i definitely still spend based on my immediate attraction toward an item.

i also purchased three scarves this month, but i've found i really like to bring some visual interest to my outfits with this accessory... but i don't have any scarves i really want to get rid of so that's why you see the two purses above that i'm getting rid of instead of two scarves.  i feel i have to personally decide what an appropriate number of scarves is to own and not go beyond that figure once i reach it.  that's the tricky part though, isn't it?  deciding how many pairs of shoes, pairs of earrings, pairs of pants is "enough."  i'm really not sure that there is a magic equation to determine that answer for myself or anyone, so i'm just going to play it by ear!

unlike last month, i didn't do any thrifting this month!  instead i reverted back to shopping online, making purchases at gap/old navy, maidenform, and j crew factory.  i also made some purchases at our state fair: two necklaces, a t-shirt, and a hat - wouldn't you know it was so sunny and the hat i thought i put in my purse went missing.  i have no idea what happened to it!  i was so cranky with the sun in my face that the $13 hat was money well spent even though i definitely do not need any more baseball hats.  target also had an awesome cartwheel for 25% off shoes, clothing, jewelry, scarves, belts, socks, etc and since it worked on clearance items, i ended up getting a clearance necklace and scarf both for less than $4.  are you cartwheeling yet?  i absolutely love the savings i get from it!

{what came in}

item purchased $ paid original
gap straight piped pants - navy 21.59 59.95
old navy striped hooded pullover 12.75 24.94
gap 1969 real straight jeans 16.78 69.95
j crew factory eyelet peasant top - rose (26.24) ppal 79.50
j crew factory colorblock baseball tee (22.13) ppal 39.50
*bra ppal 38
*bra ppal 34
*bra ppal 38
*shapewear ppal 6.94
*underwear 6.17 6.50
*underwear 9 10.94
old navy tie-front sleeveless shirt - white 8.38 22.94
*i like you "likers gonna like" t-shirt 13.33 20
*simonson's jewelry bead cluster necklace 8 8
*simonson's jewerly mint green bead necklace 6 6
the current "great music lives here" baseball hat 13.50 15
target three flower cluster gold/white necklace 3.88 16.99
merona navy diamond printed scarf 3.19 14.99
all pro 7 pack athletic socks 7.84 11
MN twins dozier deck t-shirt (free with tix) 0 0


*not pictured

{what went out}

you'll also have to take my word for it that i did get rid of an appropriate number of old bras, underwear, and socks!

looking ahead to the rest of the year, i'd like to focus on spending less.  i know this is such a cliche statement for someone to make who enjoys fashion and shopping as one of her main hobbies, but it just has not been enjoyable lately.  i mean, half the purchases i made this month were underwear and socks - a necessity, sure, but how fun is that?!  i have so many clothes in my closet that don't fit right, and two pairs of jeans i ordered from old navy this month in the exact style & size of jeans i already own didn't fit.  sure, it may not be me... it may be the way those particular jeans were manufactured, but it's frustrating when clothes don't fit properly and feeds into the discouragement i already have about my weight.  so, i'm making the choice of not thrifting and if i do get lured into any online purchases (like using that gapcash & old navy supercash that will be eligible to redeem soon...), i'll try to purchase items i know i need (ex: short sleeved blouses) and in a style that will work for me regardless of how my weight fluctuates in either direction ("forgiving" tops and looser arm sleeves seems to be what i need right now).

thanks for visiting!  linking up again with fran.

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