12 November 2014

red & black.

merona top & skirt
dexter harriet heels

there are certain color combinations that always strike that chord of nostalgia.  for me, red & black is one of those colors:  it will always remind me of my college alma mater, the university of georgia.  i'm reminded of grabbing our college newspaper (aptly named the "red and black") and doing the crossword puzzle before classes began, my cute off-campus apartment (oh i loved that apartment), and of course football games.  many of the sorority girls would dress in red or black dresses, heels, and pearls (this was the south) but i always dressed in jeans & a college t-shirt for football games.  those really were some of the best weekends in college and i love being reminded of those memories whenever i dress in red and black these days, even if my college days are ten years in the past!

is there a color combination that evokes similar memories for you?

get the look:  similar top / similar skirt / similar heels / similar necklace

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