11 November 2014


mossimo sweater
j crew skirt {via thredup}
mossimo kachiri boots

so, before i went to bed on sunday night the meteorologists were going nuts predicting anywhere from 6-100" of snow to fall sunday night through the day on monday.  okay, maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but i think it maybe snowed 2-3" where i live?  not really the early november snowpocalypse that was predicted, but i'm still satisfied with my outfit choice as i've found that tall boots really are the way to go whenever there is going to be a substantial snowfall.  i suppose if i were a true minnesotan i'd own actual snow boots, but boots like this work for me on days where i either wake up to a million snowflakes on the ground or the snow falls throughout the day and i have to trudge out to my car and unearth it to go home.  i'm not sure that i like the way more casual looking tall boots pair with pencil skirts, but at least the taupe boots found a color partner of the same shade of brown in the skirt. i kept the sweater untucked to mimic the more casual vibe the boots present.  and i spent all day listening to people trade stories about their drive into work and their prediction of how much it was going to snow throughout the day.  i swear, everyone in minnesota is a meteorologist!

dare i ask how you're getting along with winter (oh, it's still fall you say?) where you live?

also, i mentioned yesterday that marissa and i are doing another pantone-inspired color link-up next week but i failed to mention what colors we will be featuring.  here you go!  pick out something sangria, cypress, royal blue, mauve, and cognac from your closet.  if you're feeling extra adventurous, add a blazer to your look (bonus points if it's in one of these colors), because andi is hosting blazers week next week as well!  yay!

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