25 November 2014

thankful for: merona cecila skirt


old navy v-neck sweater
merona cecila skirt & bella flats
target three flower cluster necklace

today i'm expressing thanks for the merona "cecila" skirt i found on clearance at my local target for $15.10 in august of 2011.  august of 2011!  honestly, i'm pretty surprised that something has hung around in my closet for almost 3 1/2 years and i am still wearing it just as frequently now as i did when i first purchased it.  i've proclaimed my love for merona's skirts time and time again and this one is clearly no exception.  it is the primary skirt i reach for whenever i just don't know what to wear and it ends up pulling through for me time and time again.  

i was kind of surprised after looking at these pictures that i've never worn it with the same top twice except for today with this green sweater!  i'm also surprised that i've never paired it with a navy blazer.  good to know i can still think up a few more unique combinations.  but i think it goes without saying that i've definitely gotten my $15 out of this skirt.  here are all of the ways i've worn it so far (oh, so many different hair lengths).  click to enlarge!

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