17 December 2014

an ode.

j crew factory lace-stripe blouse
merona doubleweave skirt
dexter claire flats

i have expressed my love for merona's doubleweave skirts many a time in the past so it was pretty disappointing when i found this floral one for $7 and change on clearance before thanksgiving only to find it wouldn't budge over my hips when i tried it on at home.  whomp whomp.  i guess they changed the style to be more high waisted and that just doesn't work for me.  i did find the same pattern in a blouse version though which i actually prefer considering i have quite a few merona skirts in my collection, including the one in wearing today.  i thought it would be fun to create a line up of all of the merona doubleweave style skirts i have, but i still hope they don't make all of their skirts so high waisted in the future!

get the look: similar skirt / exact blouse / exact flats {take an extra 15% off with code 'zzlights'} / similar necklace

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