12 December 2014

fancy phones.

loft ruffle sweater
merona  double weave skirt
c label sherry flats
our world boutique necklace

whenever i wear this skirt, i typically pair it with one of the blues that makes up the print, but i'm trying to push myself to get past that.  it's kind of like bloggers always talk about not wearing the same outfit twice - but wearing this skirt with a navy button-down is almost the same thing as wearing it with, say, a navy sweater?  i'm not sure that this mauve color "goes" as well as i wanted it to, but i was glad i gave it a try!

the other night i kind of spontaneously got a new iphone 6 at target. there was a sale, cartwheel deal, and gift card that was too good not to take advantage of when i was due to upgrade that very day anyway. are you a geek about what kind of phone you have, or do you have to have the latest models?  the mobile guy at target definitely had a bias against apple, but i'm fine with the iphone. i know the interface and think it's visually appealing and i'm used to it, so that's basically what's most important to me. honestly, the 6 is not much different from my former iphone 4 but it is always nice to have a nice brand new phone.  :)

thanks for visiting and have a restful weekend!

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