02 December 2014


merona pencil skirt & cardigan
jack floral blouse {thrifted}
 fergalicious irene pumps

this past week i was in georgia visiting my family for thanksgiving, and the 16 hour drive there from minnesota was more than enough ample time in the car.  my sister and i love listening to podcasts like this american life, wait wait don't tell me, and ask me another to pass the hours and this year we added another favorite to our list:  serial.  this is a new podcast supported by this american life that tells a nonfiction story week by week.  the current season is outlining the case of a high school student in maryland who was convicted to life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend in 1999.  the case was almost entirely based on one witness and cell phone records.  how much weight would you put on cell phone records in 1999?  fifteen years later (this podcast is told in real time), the case receives a fresh look with new investigations, interviews, and detailed digging that appears never to have been done by the detectives in the first place.  

i admit when my sister read the description of the podcast to me when we started our drive on a pitch black, cold, early morning in november, i wasn't so sure it was something i wanted to delve into.  i am not a mystery book reader, scary movie watcher {it took me for-ev-er to read/watch the hunger games because i couldn't fathom the idea of reading a book for pleasure where kids kill other kids}, or dateline type of gal at all. but once the sun rose we started listening and were both immediately gripped with such fascination that we binge-listened to the available 9 episodes all the way to kentucky.  i'm not sure that serial is something i'd want to listen to at the dinner table or if i'm out for a walk around the neighborhood, so i think it was actually perfectly suited for an insanely long car ride.  i'm really looking forward to listening to the rest of the season though so i'm sure we'll figure out an appropriate time to listen.  has anyone else been lured into this podcast? or the podcasts of the podcast that pick it apart?

this has absolutely nothing to do with what i'm wearing today (hey, first day back to work in a week) but i knew i wanted to introduce other people to this podcast and have the opportunity to dialogue about it in comments if anyone else has listened, so i hope someone has!  as for what i'm wearing, i just grabbed a blouse i thrifted when i was home in georgia and a coordinating skirt and cardigan.  so easy!

happy monday!

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