30 January 2015

one in, one out: january 2015

last year i embarked on a "one in, one out" philosophy to manage my clothing, shoe, and accessory purchases.  i felt so good about how it worked last year that i am continuing that effort through 2015.  for each item i buy, i will continue to eliminate a comparable item from my closet.  however, i am making a couple changes this year:  

first, i am not going to stockpile all of the items i am planning to get rid of at the end of the month just to photograph for the blog as i had been doing.  having multiple "to trash" or "to donate" piles in corners of my room is just as overwhelming as having an overflowing closet... so i am going to select items to get rid of immediately and make a trip to the goodwill whenever i am ready instead of waiting to the end of the month.  since this effort is really for me and i have no reason to "cheat."  i'm sure you guys won't be heartbroken about not seeing a picture of the worn pile of clothes i am getting rid of each month!

secondly, i went the entire year of 2014 without maintaining a monthly clothing budget, so i am instituting that in 2015.  no more crazy shopping sprees!  unfortunately, i didn't set a number for myself before the year started and i can't undo the spending i already made this month, so i'll figure out an arbitrary number (setting a monthly budget really has always felt arbitrary, but if anyone has suggestions of how to determine an appropriate monthly budget, let me know) for myself next month and go from there... since i spent less than $100 this month, that may definitely end up being my goal each month.

{what came in}

item bought price original $
world market "woodland" blue paisley scarf 7.99 17.99
charming charlie blossom bib necklace set gc 13
charming charlie five times fabulous necklace gc 15
charming charlie bull's-eye beauty bracelet gc 10
charming charlie birdy marquise necklace set - red gc 13
j crew factory slim stretch wool pant - camel 26.39 89.50
j crew factory slim stretch wool pant - gray  25.79 89.50
merona satchel - blue 21.83 39.99
merona 3/4 boatneck tee - green 4.56 12.00
merona 3/4 boatneck tee - berry purple 4.56 12.00
merona embellished color block sweater 6.37 27.99
mossimo ona flats - leopard 0.08 16.99


my "whomp-whomp" purchases were the two pairs of j crew pants that are sadly final sale and non-returnable.  i haven't bought j crew pants in many, many years so i guessed the higher range of the sizes i fall between but they are so tight and unforgiving.  ugggghhhhhhhh!  i guess i'll be listing them on ebay!

{what went out}

i purchased 12 items this month and i got rid of 14 items (3 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings, 1 bracelet, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 purses, 2 sweaters, and 1 tee).

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