31 January 2015

four things friday!

merona embellished sweater
old navy button-down & jeans
merona meaghan flats

my pal brynn (brian?) is doing a "four things friday" series based on survey questions she saw valerie post recently, and since i love answering questions i thought it would be fun to participate and help me get more posts up on fridays when i usually don't post.  this friday (er, saturday) seemed like a perfect day to start since i really liked my outfit today!  i picked up this sweater recently on target.com for a steal - i love the gemstones that are blue, copper, and topaz colored and the blue button-down really brought out the blue stones.

even though i had another crazy day at work (fridays always bring about so many issues to resolve - definitely never my easiest day of the week), i was glad to leave a few minutes early and watch the episode of conan i recorded the previous night (video here) to see my boy george ezra perform.  i love this guy so much!!

get the look:  exact sweater / similar button-down / exact jeans / similar flats

anyway, moving on to the four things fiday:

four three names that people call me, other than my real name:

i honestly don't have too many nicknames because i guess there isn't much you can do with the name heidi, but here are a couple other names that people call me:

* heid - this is probably my most common nickname since it's the easiest way to shorten heidi.

* heidi ho - if your name is heidi you are bound to be called this by someone.  there are a couple people at work who call me this in passing and although i've never really liked it all that much (i think i specifically remember my third grade teacher calling me this which must have been at an age where i wasn't too fond of standing out with what i thought was a silly nickname), i think it's always endearing when coworkers give you a nickname so it doesn't bother met too much anymore.

* bug - this is a nickname from when i was really little but something that my mom still calls me.  i think it came from "bug in a rug" because i was always a big sleeper and liked being tucked in tight like a bug in a rug :)  nicknames from your parents are always the best and never get old, right?

thank for visiting!

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