06 February 2015

four things friday (2)

old navy popover & scarf & jeans
merona madalena flats {thrifted target stock}

it may not seem like anything special but i felt really good about this outfit.  i've been doing the hanger turn around trick after i wear something for a whole now and that has changed what i reach for in my closest when i get dressed and is definitely helping me wear more of my closet, including this shirt.  i don't think i've ever worn this popover or these flats on the blog and of course the scarf brings it all together!

get the look: similar popover / similar scarf / exact jeans / similar flats

now... i'm virtually hanging out with brynn on fridays giving four answers to one question - today's is four jobs i have had:

* joann's - a brand new joann fabrics store was built in my city when i was in high school and my mom got a job helping to stock the store, so my sister and i helped to do that as well and then became cashiers that summer.  i LOVE organizing and straightening and putting stuff away, so it was so fun to put the price stickers on the shelves and unload big boxes of merchandise on the shelves of a brand new store!
* americorps - i consider americorps a job because i worked 40 hours a week and received a stipend.  i worked with the metro atlanta branch of the red cross in the disaster services unit.  my four team members and i provided education & training in our communities by teaching first aid & CPR classes, supplying AED machines and first aid kits to schools, and completing monthly service projects.  we also donated a lot of blood and responded to local and national disasters.  local disasters were most commonly house fires and the national disaster i was deployed to was a tornado in daytona beach, florida.  i was there for about a month and it was one of the most profound experiences of my life!  i am a huge supporter of americorps programs and feel so blessed to have been a part of such a life-changing program.  i also completed a second americorps program during grad school that used evidence-based literary interventions to help struggling elementary school readers.

* gap, inc - i worked at a gap after college and then at an old navy after i finished grad school while i was job searching.  i was terrible at getting people to sign up for the store credit cards but i loved working shipment days - unloading the trucks, breaking down the cardboard boxes, putting the merchandise away, dressing mannequins.  i loved it all!  i would seriously consider going back to work at a clothing store part-time if all i could do was stock & straighten.  i love those types of repetitive tasks that bring about a great sense of accomplishment when complete!  i have to say, i was pretty darn good at straightening the denim wall!  :)
* state fair parking attendant - the summer after my second year of grad school i got a job in one of the parking lots at minnesota's annual 12 day state fair.  my pay rate was nothing to offset my grad school tuition (whomp) but i got into the fair for free every day and once the morning rush of attendees arrived and the parking lot was full i got to wander around with my parking lot colleague, a quirky little high school boy, haha.  it was definitely a fun week and a half!

thanks for visiting & have a great weekend!

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