04 February 2015

currently... in february.

jack floral blouse {thrifted}   ·  merona cardigan
ann taylor pants   ·   restricted slice it wedges

it's the start of a new month and time for another segment of "currently..." with anne and jenna!

hearting > george ezra!  are you guys sick of me talking about him yet?  it's been quite some time since i've discovered great new music, so when i started hearing his song on the radio in december i looked him up on youtube and watched every interview and performance i could find.  his album has been out for nearly 9 months in the uk and europe and was finally released in the states at the end of january.  not only does he have an incredible, deep voice but he's so personable.  you can tell when you read his twitter feed or listen to his interviews that there is no veil there, he presents his true, funny, 21 year old self.  i think many american bands/singers/celebrities are so guarded, so it is refreshing to discover someone so real and humble.  yes, i am definitely "hearting" george ezra!

reading > i've slowed down a bit on reading lately; i did make it through the rosie effect (sequel to the rosie project) recently but i was left feeling a bit "meh" about it, and i think that disappointment in a book i had high hopes for has prevented me from jumping headfirst into another book on my list.  instead, i've been catching up on reading magazines on my ipad i'm able to check out virtually from my library for free.  the latest issue of martha stewart was great - she features the cleverest craft ideas!

pinning > nada.  whomp, whomp.  am i the only person in the world who does not do pinterest?  i just can't get into it, you guys!  is that okay??

eating > i've kicked it into high gear with recipe planning this week and made lettuce wraps (thanks anne!) on monday.  i try not to buy specific ingredients for one recipe that i never end up using up, so i was glad to be reminded of the stir fry spaghetti squash i've been saving in my blog reader for some time (i probably should have just pinned it, huh?) that also calls for soy sauce and rice wine vinegar that i needed for the lettuce wraps, so that's on the docket for tomorrow!
anticipating > putting in an amazon.com order.  it always surprises me what i find to buy on amazon... right now in my cart i have a book of writing prompts, a pair of metallic wedges, and a carpet rake!

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