27 February 2015

four things friday (places i've lived)

land's end canvas gingham {thrifted}
ruff hewn jacket {thrifted}
j crew paisley scarf {via thredup*}
old navy sweetheart boot-cut jeans
puma 76 runners

hi everybody!  happy friday!  aside from the fact that this gingham shirt clearly looks like it's missing a button at the bottom (it's not, i swear!  but there really should be another button there) - let's get on with another installment of four things friday.  i skipped last friday, which was about four books i have read and would recommend as you can check that out under my book reviews page.  but today's question is more interesting:  four places i have lived:

*atlanta, georgia:  my family moved to a suburb of atlanta, georgia when i was around four due to a job my dad had at the time that transferred our family down there from minnesota.  i lived there for over twenty years so it's really where i consider i grew up.  i lived in a very culturally-diverse area which i appreciated and impacted me in a positive way.  i also learned how to drive aggressively on six-lane atlanta highways but i never developed a southern accent (nope, the word "ya'll" has never escaped my lips)!

{bell tower on campus}
*greenville, south carolina:  i went to college in greenville for my freshman year.  most of what i remember about greenville relates to my college campus, which truly did feel like a little bubble dropped into the city of greenville.  i never really had a reason to leave campus or explore the city on my own, but i guess i don't feel too much regret over that.  what sticks out to me most about greenville is palmetto trees on everything!

*athens, georgia:  i finished up my last two years of college at the university of georgia in athens.  athens truly is a college town with football pride around every corner, but i had a great experience there and so miss football saturdays!  go dawgs!
{me in my favorite place in st paul}
*st paul, minnesota:  for the past seven years, i've lived in suburbs of st paul, minnesota, and i feel as though i've made the arc back to my home - now i just need to get my parents to move back up here!

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