02 March 2015

payless FTW.

merona sweater {thrifted target stock}
loft floral skirt {thrifted}
american eagle (payless brand) heels

i love wearing these shoes so much because i never now what reaction they'll elicit from people.  today i was contemplating the numerous varieties of coffee at target (a chai spice coffee?  what the what!) and a woman passing by the aisle came up to me and said she loved these shoes!  she said she had a similar burgundy pair when she was younger and loved the strap across the foot.  i said that's exactly why i love them - they stay on my feet.  she also said they also looked very "downton".  haha!  i absolutely love random connections with strangers, so i'm so glad this lady approached me.  and another win for these payless heels!

i've said it before, but payless is definitely one of my favorite places to shop for shoes.  i'm in the market for a new pair of plain nude wedges and thought to check out payless first, and though i didn't find what i was looking for i came across these gems... bring on a bogo, payless!

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