06 March 2015

four things friday (places i've visited)

old navy tee & scarf & jeans
toms suede desert wedges

nothing too exciting about this outfit for a friday - just a combination that always seems to work - a tee and scarf.  and you can probably start to tell how often i kneel on the floor to be at eye-level with my residents in wheelchairs because the knees of my jeans are wearing out!  i'm probably going to be taking up a TCU bed pretty soon after i have a knee replacement, haha.  

moving on:  for today's four things friday question i will be telling you about four places i have been.  i'm afraid i'm not someone who takes many vacations; the time off i accrue throughout the year is pretty much always used up to go home to georgia for thanksgiving and christmas.  most of the traveling i've done in the past has been a result of following my favorite bands around on tour - but as i've become a working adult and tours have gotten more sparse, opportunities to do that don't come around as often.  but i thought it would be fun to twist this question around to highlight four places i have been during my concert traveling days:

{me at the bean in 2008}
* chicago:  chicago is less than 8 hours from where i currently live, but the only times i have made it there was to see a concert - which is unfortunate as i thoroughly dislike the main concert venue in chicago, the house of blues.  however, other parts of chicago make up for my crappy concert experiences; i love visiting the bean and walking around downtown by the lake.  i know there's so much more to the city than what's centered around that small portion of downtown, so hopefully one of these days i can take a proper trip there!
* tulsa, oklahoma:  tulsa is actually the city i have visited most in the united states, which may seem odd to many unless you know me as then you would know that's where my favorite band hanson hails from.  for many years they have organized a weekend of events for their fans in tulsa and i have made it a priority to go the past few years.  it's always a great time to engage in different activities with the band and get away for a few days with some of my hanson buddies.  plus, there are some pretty fun giant roadside attractions there like the golden driller above and the praying hands at oral roberts university.
{singing on stage with the rocket summer}
* dallas/fort worth, texas:  a few friends and i took an epic road trip from atlanta to texas one year, which is where another one of our favorite bands, the rocket summer, is from.  he planned a small show and invited us and some other fans on stage to sing, dance, and clap along with him.  then we just hung out in texas for a week over new years!  it was such an awesome trip - there were so many parts of texas that i absolutely loved and have so many fun memories of this trip (dry ice bombing for one!).
{heidi & hanson}
* in 2008, i followed my favorite band, hanson, around to four of their tour stops in a row in illinois and wisconsin.  there wasn't anything exceptional about the cities they gigged in, but the whole trip brings back so many awesome memories of road tripping with my girlfriends, manning a video camera as my friend interviewed them (and was lucky enough to get the picture you see above), and getting front row a couple times.  nothing beats front row!  plus, the opening bands on this tour (kate voegele & steven kellogg and the sixers) were so incredibly fun to watch and whenever i listen to their music i'm catapulted right back to that time!

thanks so much for reading & visiting :)

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