05 March 2015



mossimo cocoon cardigan
j crew factory lace panel tee
loft diamond print ankle pants
cl by laundry nima wedges
target red/silver hematite necklace

as much as i loved all of the aspects of this outfit (navy + maroon, gray lace top, coordinating necklace), the outfit just did not photograph well... and the judge has ruled against these pants!  i always feel great when i wear them, but they never look good in photographs, whether it's because i take my pictures at the end of a long work day and i'm emotionally and physically rumpled or just because they don't fit me all that well?  i don't know.  i certainly don't look like the model, but i still want to wear cute patterned pants and clothes i find online that appeal to me.  it's hard not to compare yourself to the models you see on a clothing apparel's website and say, "i wish i looked like that wearing that," isn't it??  well, i'm sure this could lead into a much bigger discussion about marketing and body types, but i think i'm definitely going to keep these pants around and continue wearing them with confidence even if i don't look like the model below:

do you have any articles of clothing that you get the feeling doesn't look that great on you but you're not willing to stop wearing? 

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