12 March 2015


i've been going pretty nuts with nostalgia lately.  it all started when i was putting together a recent "four things friday" post about places i have visited.  i started going through the pictures i have saved on my laptop, photobucket accounts, flickr, facebook, livejournal...  it made me so nostalgic for my late teens/20s when i was in-between responsibilities and could take a week off and follow my favorite band for a handful of tour stops or the time i spent updating the pretty popular website i ran for my favorite band.  i spent hours chatting with my friends on aol instant messenger, had weekend-long sleepovers with girlfriends, etc.

i also did one of those photo a day for a year challenges during grad school, which prompted to take me so many more pictures of my daily life that i'm so glad i have - no matter how odd the pictures were.  i lived alone in my grandpa's townhouse for the majority of my two years of grad school and oh lord, i sure found ways to entertain myself!  i am so glad i have those pictures because i think remembering your day to day is just as important as remembering big events.  maybe in 5 years time i'll read through the archives on this blog be reminded of where i was in my social work career or what i was doing certain days (i can still look back through my posts and remember exactly what i was doing based on what i was wearing).  i'm sure i'll also remember the good friends that developed through this hobby!

do you like reminiscing about the past or does it make you sad that those days are over?

here are a few fun memories i came across...
{painting a banner to hang on the balcony at a hanson concert in 2005}

{i was selected as the reporter for a hanson concert and got to interview them!}

{playing mah jong in my college apartment in 2005}
{a friend & i hanging on the tour bus with bryce from the rocket summer}
{a rare icy/snowy day in georgia in 2005}
{last moments with my cat musa before i moved to minnesota in 2007}
{this is one of the ways i found to entertain myself when i lived alone during grad school...}
{raspberry picking in 2008}

{a january stroll in 2009}
{my cat & i needed a lot of fresh air after winter ended in 2009}
{this picture is like, what the what, right?  with the all-american rejects in 2009}
{passing my social work licensure exam; this was such a big day for me!}

okay, enough reminiscing from me!  thanks for letting me share some of these memories i stumbled across :)  back to another "four things friday" post (with more pictures, i am sure) tomorrow!

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