21 March 2015

recent old navy & target reviews

posting clothing reviews on my blog isn't something i often do just because much of what i buy is from the clearance rack or goodwill and by the time the item shows up on my blog it's no longer available online or only in limited quantities - if at all.  however, i've made two online purchases at oldnavy.com and target.com this month and thought i would share a few of my finds!


i love this ruff hewn army green casual jacket that i thrifted many moons ago (even though i've apparently only posted two outfits wearing it), so when i saw this jacket at old navy recently i thought it would be a nice option for a casual lightweight jacket.  i thought i should size up to medium (i wear smalls in old navy tops) so there's more room to layer underneath it.  it does feel a bit bulky since i'm only wearing a lightweight button-down underneath it, but i think i'll appreciate the extra room it offers.  i like that there are a lot of different ways to style it with adjusting the collar, zipping it up, buttoning it, and manipulating the strings - i'll probably pull out the bottom strings that are waving around and almost reach my knees as they don't seem to serve a purpose. overall, i'm really pleased with this jacket and anticipate getting a lot of wear out of it in the spring/fall months!

i love this sleeveless fleece dress from old navy so much that i've been eager for another similar dress to come along to add to my wardrobe, and then i found this one!  i size up to tall in old navy dressers as they are notoriously too short on me, and this one comes to the perfect length.  it's a great ponte knit and has the always appreciated added benefit of pockets.  overall, i'm very pleased with this dress and definitely recommend it!

also available in stripes

another ponte dress!  i found this dress when i was searching target.com for this season's version of this dress that i own.  this one is pretty close, it's just a straight skirt instead of fit & flare.  it comes in this mint color, blue, and pink - definitely in line with pantone's version for spring.  overall, i'm really pleased with the fit and quality of this dress.  it's a great thick ponte (just like the aforementioned old navy dress) and i love the elbow length sleeves.  the color green is a little darker than i was expecting, but i'm glad for that so it doesn't scream "easter egg."  i definitely plan to keep this dress!

thanks for letting me share these quick reviews with you!  have you found any cute options at old navy or target lately now that stores are gearing into a new season?

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