20 March 2015

four things friday (favorite/least favorite foods)

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for today's "four things friday" post i'm to talk about four foods i love & four foods i avoid.  now, i am by no means a picky eater so there really may only be about four food items that i prefer not to eat!

seafood:  i've never been able to stomach the thought of trying fish, scallops, shrimp, etc - it just has never appealed to me.  i will eat canned tuna fish and i tried a bit of smoked salmon once but i don't think i'll ever be one to consume seafood.  sorry, omega 3's!

mustard: i have never, ever cared for the condiment but put a bowl of potato salad in front of me and i'll demolish it.  and those honey mustard pretzels?  same thing.  it makes no sense, i know!

mushrooms:  now, mushrooms aren't my favorite but if they're in a dish where they are sautéed and cook down quite a bit or are masked amidst many other ingredients, like in a casserole, i can handle them.  likewise, i won't pick them out of something like just a small mushroom on a supreme pizza, but i do try to avoid them.

malt flavoring/malted milk balls: see, i told you i was kind of stretching myself here in coming up with foods i avoid, but i was reminded of how much i dislike malt flavoring of any kind when a jar of candy was passed around the table at a meeting this week and i passed them on to the next person upon learning they were whoppers.  no thanks!  i don't care for the texture and i don't think they provide that sweet flavor i look for in candy.

and i might as well just lump in there four of my favorite foods:

pizza (any kind of supreme pizza will do)
quesadillas (nix the sour cream, but add chicken and lots of guac)
chips (cheddar and sour cream ruffles are #1)
sandwiches (seriously.  any kind of sandwich with lots & lots of fixings and fancy bread.)

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