20 April 2015

all the mossimo.

mossimo long sleeve blouse, straight leg jeans, and ona flats

{ exact blouse / exact jeans / exact flats }

hey target, i'm wearing all your things!  isn't it funny how some outfits come together to feature items from the same brand?  i have been so annoyed with my favorite old navy jeans as every time i order what i think is my size online they end up not fitting at all. i'm sure this could be solved if i actually went to a store and tried jeans on but the same style and size i already have should fit, right?  i just can't figure it out.  anyway, there was a cartwheel for women's jeans at target last week so i tried on a couple pairs and these fit amazingly!   i like that they're not quite as skin tight as skinny jeans and that they have a lot of stretch so they're really comfortable.  they also ended up being about the same price with the cartwheel and my red card as old navy jeans are when they go on sale.  i'll definitely be looking for more jeans from target in this straight style in the future!

speaking of target, they recently released another beauty box (it's already sold out, sorry!), so before i ordered it of course i had to peruse the clearance.  i've had this blouse saved in my shopping bag for a while and with another 10% clearance promo i grabbed it and a necklace.  i'll probably dust off my sewing machine and slim the sides a tiny bit but otherwise it's a great blouse i can wear year round that was less than $8!  it surprisingly received a lot of compliments at work, too, which always makes something stand out as a winner.

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