15 April 2015

thrifting fail.

merona sweater {thrifted target stock}
merona skirt   ·   in pink necklace
cl by laundry bol wedges

{ similar sweater / similar skirt / exact wedges / similar necklace }

i went thrifting for the first time in many months yesterday and was pleased when i walked away with three tops, but not so pleased when i tried them on at home and only this sweater fit.  i have not been having luck shopping for clothes that fit me lately and its led me to question if i am really the size i think i am??  or should i just blame the brand of tops i thrifted whose sizing i must be unfamiliar with (elle, jessica simpson) as i've never purchased clothing from them before?  :)  well, 1/3 wasn't bad to add a nice sweater to my closet.  i love the camel and green green shades together on their own but the necklace definitely tied it all together!

on a happier note, i saw the band guster in concert last week!  my sister and i went to a lot of concerts  in our high school and college days and guster was one of our favorite bands to see live.  we saw them six times  from 2000-2004 (yes, i am a dork and i keep a spreadsheet of all of the concerts i go to).  so, it has been over 10 years since we saw them last in concert but they are still making music and touring--amazing!  i think that's one of the reasons why i am still a fan of the band hanson after 18 years.  they keep producing amazing music and keep me interested as a fan.  it's incredible to think some bands have that longevity - guster said at the concert that they have been a band for 25 years!

anyway, my sister and i went to this concert with one of our friends who we met in middle school in georgia.  we all went our separate ways after college but she actually moved to minnesota last summer.  so, it felt even more nostalgic that we were seeing one of our favorite bands with one of our oldest friends who just happened to move to the state where we both live now.  it was such a fun evening and got me thinking about all of the bands i loved in high school - eve6, barenaked ladies, angie aparo, vertical horizon, marvelous 3 (my sister and i saw all of these bands so many times in concert in the late 90s/early 2000s) and if they are still around.  some are, i know, and some aren't, but now i think i need to google some of these bands from my past or at least play them in my itunes. :)

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