13 April 2015

from 2013.

j crew factory lace top
calvin klein skirt {thrifted}
dexter wedges   ·   target necklace

{ similar blouse / similar skirt / similar wedges / similar necklace / exact belt }

last night i was trying to figure out to wear to work today before i went to sleep and decided to scroll through my archives of what i wore to work in 2013 as i remember almost always liking what i wore to the job i had that year, specifically mid- to late 2013.  i mostly sat at a desk talking to my clients on the phone or doing computer work and i think this allowed me to have much more flexibility with the outfits i wore (more heels) and gave me a lot of confidence to try different outfit combinations.

times have changed with my work environment, which i've discussed a lot in the past year.  my current workplace is the most casual of casual and i am the only female office staff person at my nursing home who ever wears skirts or heels.  i remember liking this outfit from 2013 a lot and decided i would replicate it today - i swapped in a different necklace and wore more sensible shoes, but stuck to the the navy skirt, maroon tights, and pink lace top formula. the overall effect left me feeling put together and confident and also helped me get out of my black/gray tights rut. 

do you often take inspiration from yourself when planning outfits?

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