09 April 2015

the skimm.

merona tee & pants
old navy printed gauze scarf
restricted slice it wedges

{ exact tee / exact pants / similar scarf / very similar wedges }

the frequency with which i wear these neutral wedges has finally convinced me that i should find another pair of nude wedges.  i don't mind owning similar items if i know i'll wear them both equally as much.  plus, it's nice to have a little variety with ones basics so it doesn't look like you're wearing the same shoes everyday... and i've been wearing these wedges a lot!

out of habit, i have the morning news on when i'm making my lunch, mostly to hear the weather forecast and because the stories aren't as depressing as those featured the evening news.  i'm sure most people will say they don't watch the news because it's all shootings and crime, but even though that's the #1 reason that will get me to change the channel, i've never considered that a good excuse to be uneducated about what's going on locally and nationally.

i found out about the website theSkimm in a magazine i recently read and it has become such an interesting way for me to brush up on national stories that i would otherwise be uninformed about.  each weekday they send an email with quick summaries of major news events that are written in a clear and witty voice, which my sense of humor appreciates.  they also have some really great guides on topics like the syrian crisis or march madness because really, who can fully understand those issues or topics?  i really have enjoyed reading these emails on my breaks at work and wanted to share!

thanks for visiting!

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