25 May 2015

double lives.

old navy polka dot shirt {thrifted}
old navy embellished sweatshirt
mossimo straight leg jeans & ona flats

{similar sweatshirt / similar button-down / exact jeans / exact flats}

do you ever feel like you live more than one life?  a couple weeks ago i was in tulsa hanging out with my favorite band.  i have talked about this trip many times over the past few months so i'm sure you are all starting to associate heidi = hanson!  i was so exhausted from my trip and a cold that followed so i didn't manage to get any posts up last week when i returned, but i plan to share a bit about it this week!

there were many times over the weekend that i contemplated my different lives.  i have my hanson life with my hanson buddies and yearly trips to tulsa and roadtrips around the country following them to their shows.  i have this very secret blogging life that no one in my "real life" knows about.  and i have my normal go-to-work and come-home life - and they are all a bit separate. i have to remind myself that my hanson friends don't know about my blog and my blog friends don't know a whole lot about my day to day life, etc, so it's crazy when people begin to cross the line from one of my lives to the other.

rebekah, who started out as a blogging friend, is also a hanson fan and i've run into her the past two years during this hanson weekend - hey girl!  i find it so crazy that i met someone through blogging who shares the same fervor as i do about this band and also just happens to be a member of their fan club and travels just like i do to attend their fan club events.  it got me thinking that i d look forward to the day where i may meet more of my blogging friends in person and develop a different type of friendship with them offline as well.  do you feel you have just as many "lives" or do all of your lives seep into the others?  

as for what i'm wearing in this post -- i wore this before my trip during national nursing home week.  last year we had a theme each day but this year staff were just told they could dress casually, which means jeans.  this seems like a very blogger outfit to me.  polka dot chambray, embellished sweater, skinnyish jeans.  i loved the look though and am thankful it was a cool, rainy day and i could handle all the layers.  thanks for visiting!

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