15 May 2015

make do.

j crew floral eyelet blouse {thrifted}
mossimo straight leg jeans & ona flats
one wink necklace

{ similar blouse / exact jeans / this season's flats / similar necklace }

today i wanted to reach for this top that i have in a melon color but realized i haven't worn this one in cornflower blue as often.  there's a two size difference between the two tops and the size missing in between would be perfect but i make do with both.

i thought i would give an update on my fitbit today.  i've had it for about a week and have already found that it's motivated me to keep moving.  it was interesting wearing it to work the first few days to better gauge just how much i get up and walk around at work - not much!  i thought i moved around much more than i do, but there are still long periods of time when i am sitting at my desk or only get up to walk a few steps to the bathroom or something.  i'm still trying to take walks around the block my work is situated on, but as the weather gets warmer i think that will be more difficult as i don't want to come back a sweaty, smelly mess.  i am not sure how i could work in much more activity during the workday to reach the 10,000 steps goal before i get home so i have had to add in treadmill walks, but i think this is a good thing because i need to have that physical activity in addition to just steps from point A to point B.  if i got all my steps in at work during the day, i think i would be less inclined to actually exercise when i get home.

the fitbit is also helping me be more active on the weekends.  i am a homebody and like to sleep in, lounge around on the internet with coffee or lay in bed and read for hours and only leave the house for my weekly grocery store run.  i've been very motivated so far to take a walk outside on the weekends and usually another jaunt on the treadmill or shorter outside walk in the evening to get my 10,000 steps.  in the past, i never would have done that.  exercising twice in one day?  crazy!  i can find any excuse not to exercise but this little tracker on my wrist has wiped all my excuses away and since i got it, i've exercised every single day.  i'm so proud of that and i really feel my fitbit will continue to have a positive effect on my health.

thanks for letting me share - have a great weekend!

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