05 May 2015

eat all the stuff.

merona blouse & flats
ann taylor signature sateen pants
minicci (payless brand) necklace

{ similar blouse / exact pants / similar necklace / exact flats }

i am starting to try to take advantage of my two fifteen minute breaks during the workday (that i usually never take) to be outside and walk around the block my building is situated on.  it's maybe 1/2 mile if anything but it feels good to be in the fresh air even if i'm not burning many calories.  i'll probably be wearing more flats as we transition seasons so my heels or wedges don't turn into an excuse not to do this.  i have to counteract the ever present donuts that are always around my workplace somehow!

are there a lot of snacks and treats that float around your workplace?  holy man, i'm convinced we single-handedly keep the bakery department at the grocery store down the road in the doughnut business and there's a potluck for some event at least once a month.  i have developed good self-control lately but sometimes i just wish someone would bring in a fruit tray, ya know?  is it too much to ask for fruit?!  time to stock my desk drawer with granola bars or nuts or something healthier i guess!

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