04 May 2015

swiss dots & fitbits.

old navy swiss dot blouse   ·  j crew factory scarf
merona barely boot cut pants   ·  cl by laundry marcie wedges

{ similar blouse / similar scarf / exact pants / exact wedges }

i am still following the hanger trick in my closet by rotating the hanger around after i wear something, but that hasn't stoped me from continuing to reach for those items.  in fact, i have all but abandoned by vast, colorful collection of button-down shirts.  maybe i need to make some hard decisions about how many button-downs i want to take up space in my closet if i never wear them!  3/4 sleeve blouses like this one from old navy seem more versatile and there's no awkward button-gaping.  i haven't worn this one in a while but was reminded how much i love the teal blue color and swiss dots!

the warmer weather definitely pushes me to want to move away from my daily treadmill walks to walking outside again and increasing my activity level, so with these thoughts i caved and got a fitbit charge.  three of my friends and a coworker have one so i feel i've gotten a good grasp about the pros and cons.  i'm naturally curious about how many steps i take in a normal working day so i think it will be a good tool to have to increase my activity and that hopefully lead to healthier habits and weight loss.  i also think i am going to be really motivated by my progress throughout the day or doing challenges with my friends. 

do any of you guys have a fitbit?  i can't say i've noticed any of my fellow blogging friends wearing one so i'd be curious to hear if anyone does and what your experience has been!

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