30 April 2015

one in, one out: april 2015

for each clothing, shoe, and accessory purchase i make this year, i am donating/selling/recycling a comparable item in an effort to better manage my closet.  check out my "one in, one out" tag for more of these monthly posts!
{what came in}

item bought price original
target round stone drops necklace 5.64 16.99
old navy v-neck cami - nude 3.50 4.50
old navy ponte sheath dress - charcoal 19.00 34.94
elle rhinestone collar button-down (gw) 3.74
jessica simpson cream blouse (gw) 3.74
merona crewneck sweater - camel (new-gw) 5.24
minnesota twins 3/4 baseball tee 10.00 10.00
minnesota twins luke hughes tee 1.00 1.00
minnesota twins zip-up hoodie 0 0
mossimo long-sleeve blouse - burnt red 7.85 22.99
target beaded necklace - gold/brown 5.08 16.99
mossimo mid-rise straight leg jeans - black 4.72 27.99
j crew factory basket-weave dress 30.60 118.00
*j crew factory teddie sweater - pink
j crew factory eyelet tee - navy 17.61 79.50


*unfortunately, i was notified this sweater was out of stock after putting together this post!

as i reflect on what i purchased this month, it was a little bit of everything:  thrifted deals, baseball shirts from a sidewalk sale, and deals from my favorite online retailers oldnavy.com and jcrewfactory.com.  what i want to highlight is the basket-weave dress from j crew factory.  my twin sister is going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding this november for one of her friends.  i've become closer friends with the bridge and her fiance throughout the past couple years and have been involved in discussions and updates regarding their wedding and venue, so i assume i'll be invited?  i'm running with that and have already started thinking about what i may wear because, well, i don't get invited to many weddings so it's fun to think about!  

the short sleeve basket-weave dress on jcrewfactory.com really stood out to me while i was considering taking advantage of a 35% off clearance promo this month.  it was only available in two sizes, one of which was mine, so i decided to purchase it for a steal.  hopefully this will be an appropriate winter wedding dress with black tights, black heels, and some sort of statement necklace?  actually, hopefully i get invited to the wedding so i can wear it!  if not, i know i'll wear it to work, so i feel confident with the purchase!  do you all think this would be an appropriate dress for a winter wedding?

overall, i'm pleased with the purchases i made this month aside from my two thrifting fails, but i trust if i keep up with my exercise regime they'll fit a bit more comfortably in no time.  i found a great pair of jeans (that's always a cause for celebration) and filled a couple holes in my closet - i wear a lot of navy but realized i don't have a navy short-sleeve blouse, so that was also included in the JCF purchase.  if i were to return anything it would be the brownish/gold necklace (lower right) from target, but considering it came to about $5 i'm not sure that it's worth it.  target.com has a pretty liberal return policy of 90 days, though, so if i found that i haven't wanted to wear it in the next month i may return it but i am hoping it will be a nice alternative to the gold bauble necklace i wear frequently that is getting a bit worn and tarnished.

{what went out}
i purchased 14 items this month and got rid of 14 items, including a blouse sold on ebay.
{next month}
it's time for me to cut back on spending as the month of may is going to be full of many other expenses that are going to come along with my upcoming trip to tulsa (gas, hotel), paying a dentist bill to replace a filling (ugh), and some necessary car maintenance.  however, i always enjoy picking up a new piece of jewelry from one of my favorite vendors who is based out of tulsa so i'm going to set aside $50 to spend as fun money!

hanging out with fran!

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