01 June 2015

target beauty box.

i've posted a handful of times about the different target beauty boxes that i've purchased in the past and another one was released today.  i snagged it mid-morning at work today, but upon checking the website when i got home it looks like it's still available. i thought i'd publish a quick post since a few of you have expressed an interest but they usually sell out so quickly that i'm not able to tell anyone about it in time!

here's the link to the current beauty box for $7 that includes:

1. olay regenerist luminous hydraswirl eye cream
2. revlon HD lipstick

3. sinfulcolors professional nail color
4. cutex advanced revival nail polish remover pads

5. fekkai professional hair care

unfortunately, i know the nail polish will be a throw-away item for me as i don't really care for any nail colors aside from nudes or pinks, but maybe they'll send me a color other than blue?  i'm curious about the nail polish remover pads as when i do paint my nails, i hate removing the polish once it starts chipping.  i've received the fekkai dry shampoo in a previous box and i feel it's a good product, but it is something i've already received.  i'm really looking for the eye cream and lip stick to make up for the cost of the box - and i'm sure the regular price of that lip stick is around the cost of the box, so i'm sure it will!

i hope it's still available if it's something you're interested in!

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