02 June 2015

a new favorite.

old navy shirt, dress, and flats
target belt & necklace

{ exact dress / similar button-down / similar flats / similar belt / exact necklace }

do you go through phases every few weeks or months where you have a favorite outfit you've worn and you feel like nothing else you put together will match how great you felt in that outfit?  i skimmed through my 2015 archives to try to find the last outfit i remember feeling that great in and it was probably this outfit with my merona fit and flare dress, pink and yellow floral scarf, and hot pink belt!

however, today's outfit may creep forward to take that spot.  despite my unruly hair (no one believes me, but the humidity is just as bad in minnesota as it was when i lived in georgia!), i loved how this outfit came together - this old navy dress will be a winner for years to come and the violet-colored button-down complemented it so nicely.  i loved those two colors next to each other, especially with the coordinating belt that pulls them together as well as the tan shoes.

it sounds a bit like i'm tooting my own horn, but i guess this whole blog is about that!  haha.  i love outfits that are coordinated and cohesive and that is the feeling i was left with here.  thanks for visiting!

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