03 June 2015

currently... june!

j crew factory linen lace tee
mossimo straight leg jeans
qupid flats   ·   old navy scarf

{ exact tee / exact jeans / similar flats / similar scarf }

the last time i wore this blouse i didn't want to wear a necklace as i thought it would detract from the lace paneling... and today i covered it up with a scarf!  ha!  this is such a me look though and i loved the lighter pretty colors against the black jeans.  i swear, this scarf goes with anything!

i've been a little short on words lately so today i thought i'd join anne and participate in her "currently..." link-up today!

playing:  my sister and i visited some friends over the weekend and we played through quite a stack of tenzi cards - i've never played the game before but we had so much fun!  i love the idea of playing games like banagrams, farkle, etc but they always end up in a box in the closet and we never drag them out!  my sister and i agreed that we need to put a little basket of games like this on our kitchen table that we play when we eat dinner instead of immediately taking our plates to the couch where we sit and eat in front of the tv (please tell me we're not the only people who do this more days out of the week than not...)

going:  is it festival and fair season where you live yet?!  my sister and i are checking out two art fairs this weekend.  they are always a fun opportunity to rally friends together and check out local artists & designers (i am so excited to get a state-themed shirt from these local guys).

wearing:  my fitbit!  despite it's rubbery, clunky nature i am still remaining loyal to my fitbit and wearing it every minute of the day except when i sleep; i don't have any problems sleeping so i don't feel the need to use it to track my sleep.  in fact, on our way home last night  my sister dropped me off a ways down the road and made (cough, encouraged, cough) me to walk the remaining ten minutes home so i could get in all my steps.  seriously!  but it worked!

sipping: G&Ts.  about two years ago i decided i needed to come up with a mixed drink that i liked so i don't appear so inept when i attend a social function, wedding, or take a rare trip to a bar and need to know what to order.  enter the gin & tonic, a perfectly light and refreshing beverage that i can be assured any bartender can whip up for me but more often than not i make for myself at home at least once a week in the spring/summer.

reading: i've been reading a lot of contemporary romances lately because they're easy, entertaining reads with realistic characters and plot-lines and always follow a great structure with beginning, middle, climax, happy ending.  those are my kind of stories!  i did also recently read at the water's edge, the new book by sara gruen!  i was really fascinated by the setting and time period and the interplay of the plot lines in which certain characters were searching for the loch ness monster and others were searching for love.

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