08 June 2015

rhinestone collar.

old navy ponte sheath dress
elle rhinestone collar blouse {thrifted}
dexter claire flats   •   target belt

{ exact dress (also in plus size) / similar blouse / similar flats / similar belt }

this outfit is pretty similar to one i wore a week ago but i just had to do it.  i love the look of sleeveless dresses, button-downs, and a belted waist!  i lamented the poor fit of this blouse a couple months ago but hidden underneath a dress no one is any wiser that a few of the buttons don't stretch far enough to button!  of course i realize the rhinestones aren't even that visible beyond my hair and the way the collar falls - grr!

i usually don't condone keeping clothes that fit poorly or have to be rigged in order to be worn - i once found a new target stock skirt at the goodwill that was about 4 sizes too big so i pulled the fabric taut on one side and affixed a binder clip to keep the waistband together and masked it with an open cardigan and big belt - that is way too much work for a skirt that wasn't even all that great!  after that silly experiment, i decided never again.  it's too easy to get sucked into thrifting things that aren't your size that you convince yourself you can make work.  it was hard to accept that reasoning and pass up this blouse though so i'll have to reassess the fit the next time i want to wear it to see if i am going to keep it around!

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