09 June 2015

blues & golds.

merona lace popover {thrifted}   ·   gap straight leg pants
mix no. 6 octavia wedges   ·   inpink necklace

{ similar blouse / similar pants / similar wedges / similar necklace }

if this isn't an outfit i've worn before i'd be surprised!  "neutrals" seems to be the buzzword around the blogging community these days but me, i like my colors and patterns.  they make me feel cheerful and happy and i think it affects those i interact with to feel the same way too.  i don't want to get lost in the sea of black pants, black tops, and black shoes so many working women seem to default to (at least at my workplace.)  i think it's fun taking one colorful item as the starting point like these wedges and picking a top, bottom, it accessory that matches.  it always makes getting dressed easier in my opinion!

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