15 June 2015


jack blouse {thrifted}
old navy openfront cardigan & jeans
mossimo ona flats

 { similar blouse / exact cardigan / exact jeans / exact flats }

if i look exceptionally happy in these pictures it's because they were taken last friday when i left work at noon!  the past week and a half at work has been more busy than usual for me as i've been tasked with handling the admissions process at the nursing home where i work due to the other individuals who handle this responsibility being absent.  there are so many fine details one doesn't really realize need to be addressed when someone is at the hospital and preparing to discharge to a nursing home for rehabilitation--but i feel great knowing i am learning more skills in this department and that i've gotten good feedback from colleagues that i really keep my calm amidst the craziness.  i think that's the best compliment i could receive!

because i've put in so many extra hours lately, i only needed to work five hours on friday so that is all i worked!  i came home, ate my lunch on my deck with no threat of inhaling secondhand smoke from my neighbors as they were gone (this was the biggest joy of my day!).  then i went for a walk around the neighborhood and spent the rest of the day relaxing and reading--precisely what i needed.  

here's to hoping we all find some rest and relaxation this week!

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