16 June 2015

the wedding dress.


j crew factory basketweave dress
merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}
merona flats   middot;   forever 21 belt
octavia bloom necklace

{ similar dress / similar cardigan / similar belt / similar flats / exact necklace }

i bought this dress s couple months ago with the intention of wearing it to a friend's november wedding as i mentioned here, but i don't want it to be a dress i only wear to special occasions as those occur pretty infrequently in my life.  i figured it would work for work despite my super casual office.  somehow layering on a cardigan helped me feel more comfortable in it even though its short sleeves lended themselves perfectly to today's 90* high temperature.  my only gripe is the neckline appears to bow out in the front and back and i couldn't get it to lay flat against my clavicle. not sure what that's about (my posture?) but my necklace kept dipping below the neckline!

speaking of this necklace, a couple weekends ago my sister, a friend, and i made our way to not one but two art fairs!  i stumbled upon the designer octavia bloom's booth at one of them and had to go back three times because i kept thinking about this necklace!  the $50 price tag was way beyond what i would ever pay for jewelry, but upon closer examination i realized just how intricate her designs are and how much i appreciated her craft.  plus, it has to be hard being an independent designer traveling around to art and craft shows and manning your booth for 8+ hours, so i felt good about supporting her as well as adding this gorgeous necklace to my collection!

is it fair & festival season where you live?  do you use those events to add something special to your wardrobe or home even if the price tags are usually a bit on the higher end?

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