17 June 2015


j crew gingham shirt {thrifted}
calvin klein skirt {thrifted}
american eagle (payless brand) heels
target belt   ·   wifeysinger earrings

{ similar button down / similar skirt / similar heels / similar belt / similar earrings }

this look was based around the earrings i'm wearing but it feels silly to point that out as my earrings are so hard to see around my hair!  there is a detail shot in this post.  i love the combination of the navy, mint, and dark red beads that comprise my earrings and found similar colored items in my closet to wear.  this classic navy skirt pulls through for me time and time again; it almost feels magical because it always fits despite any weight fluctuations that cause me to shift other skirts to the back of my closet for being ill fitting.  isn't that the best feeling?  i pair just about every color with navy (even black!) but especially liked it with this burnt orange color.

i mentioned in a "20 things" video i posted many months back (i shudder to link to it as i don't know that i want anyone watching it again!) that i didn't really have any favorite etsy shops, but i've realized that is totally incorrect!  i forgot about wifeysinger's shop where i ordered these earrings - she has adorable beaded hoop earrings and a tassel necklace i have my eye on.  plus another new favorite, octavia bloom, who i referenced yesterday.  a friend purchased earrings for me from sweet & simple a couple birthday's ago so i try to remember to visit her shop once in a while as she's a local designer.

i never really think to go to etsy because it can feel overwhelming to browse, but i also never really remember to check out these shops that i've purchased from before.  i wish there were an easier way to keep up to date on favorite etsy shops - does anyone know if there is?

thanks for visiting!

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