18 June 2015

thredup + target

merona cardigan & meghan flats

loft blouse {thrifted}   ·   j crew factory skirt {via thredup*}

{ similar blouse / similar cardigan / this season's skirt / similar flats }

have you guys heard about thredup's new collaboration with target?  i was browsing the clearance racks at target over the weekend hoping to use the 20% clearance clothing cartwheel (now expired) and saw a girl wearing a thredup t-shirt holding an ipad.  curious, i hovered until she was done speaking to a couple other people, then she turned to me and asked if she could speak to me while i was browsing.  i was pretty excited to tell her i already know all about thredup and shop there frequently (the skirt i'm wearing today is one of my favorite finds there).

turns out, thredup and target have teamed together to allow you to fill up a clean out bag, drop it off at guest services at target, and receive your credit in the form of a target gift card instead of thredup credit.  i was able to sign up and receive a thredup bag in store but right now it only seems to be offered at select minnesota stores (target is headquartered here).  i like receiving credit at thredup that i can then use there, but i think i this something i will definitely try at least once with the bag i received.  i have a clean out bag that has been filled for the longest time that i just haven't brought over to a fedex store to be shipped, but i visit my local target at least once a week!

do you think this is something you would take advantage of if it expands into your area?

*join thredup through my referral link and you'll get $10 to spend; i receive a $10 credit once you've made your first purchase!

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