15 July 2011


i didn't intend to only post every other day this week, but yesterday's photos didn't turn out and all and today's almost didn't, either.  the weather was so dark & ominous starting really early in the morning and i was lucky to catch a break in the rain to get out of the office to take these.  it's pretty obvious what the weather forecast was today by looking at my hair, oh my!  yep, rain and humidity make it frizz out in seconds.

also, i'm practically wearing head to toe merona {the purple belt is f21 and the hot pink shell is old navy} so i didn't think it was necessary to list out each item and its source.  my goodwill is really good to me since they stock so much target merch, but it doesn't really do much to diversify my wardrobe.  this is something i really want to try to focus on more in the upcoming months and to add a few more unique pieces to my wardrobe.

have a great weekend!

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